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This forum is great and I've learned a lot from reading the posts over the last few months.

I'm a grad student and I'm working on this project for class. The company, "FuseBox" makes a modular shelving system that consists of uniform wooden cubes that slide together via slots cut in the sides of the cubes. I'm attaching a jpeg of the logo. Also I'm attaching pdfs of a business card, envelope and letterhead.

The intersecting squares/grid pattern on the back of the pieces is essentially the design of the shelving once it's assembled.

I have two slightly different versions of the letterhead -- do you have a preference?

I'm at the point in this assigment where I can't really make significant changes to the logo but any comments you have on the stationery / business card would be great. My teacher seems hung up on the degree of the rag in the contact info, trying to fiddle around and change wording, etc. to make the rag more even. I don't really understand this since it's obviously flush left and it's not like a running column of text people would be trying to read like in a magazine, book, etc. When you're looking at an address, phone number, web site, etc. don't you expect them to be uneven in line length? I actually think maybe that makes it EASIER to read -- i.e. spot the line you're looking for (phone number for instance) and pull it out. What do you think?

Thanks for any thoughts you have.


application/pdfbus. card
Bus Card.pdf (566.6 k)

application/pdfletterhead 1
Letterhead 1.pdf (589.1 k)

application/pdfletterhead 2
Letterhead 2.pdf (589.8 k)

Envelope.pdf (550.8 k)

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Sorry about the mistaken title to this post...

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There comes a point when dwelling on things like rag on a b-card doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Every card will have different contact info, so there's only so much you can do.

If it is a huge deal, it looks like the URL is the culprit. I'd suggest just droping the 'www.' (provided you also check that the server is configured to not need it).

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On the b-card, i would suggest using that left column for the employee name.

Otherwise it is getting lost in the sea of info on the right.

On the stationary, me likes the one with the contact info uptop.

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