hilarious!!! fontlab errors

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That what it sounds like inside my head.

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Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but it doesn't crash/error all that often for me.

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Mark: Are you using Mac or Windows?

Popular wisdom seems to suggest the Mac version is much less stable than the Windows version. I run FL for Windows for any serious work, even if it means doing it under a VM on Mac.


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I must be doing something wrong too... FonLab never crashed to me (running under Windows Vista 64-bit). :-)

Seriously, I have a clean, perfect complete system installation in an image (created with TrueImage). About each two months I do a complete system reinstall using this image. It take about 15 minutes and keeps Windows under control. This may be the reason FontLab in running OK with me.

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I'm on a Mac (10.6.4). Maybe I'm just lucky.

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I'm with Mark, on Mac.
Sure it crashes occasionally, but I've been working with it long enough I have a feeling for avoiding that.
So I never drag a guide onto a glyph composed of composites, for instance.

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FL always has the good graces to freeze after I've stopped working and switched to another app.

Very little trouble these days, perhaps those messages are from users of FL 4.6, now that was a bundle o' bugs.

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There's also a Flickr pool dedicated to the topic.

I'm on a Mac (10.5.8) and I get FontLab (5.0.4) crashes and errors more than any other non-beta applications I can remember using.

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"So I never drag a guide onto a glyph composed of composites, for instance."

Pre-intel Mac as well 10.4.11. FL5 has occasional freak-outs. SAVE OFTEN! FontLab is one of the rare apps that give me the spinning beach ball. The only worse ones are anything in the Microsoft suite. Otherwise, my Mac is as steady and solid as can be.

and I never switch between kinds of classes via the pop-up. Also, if you get a bunch of random diagonal lines drawn courtesy of FontLab demons, undo twice and relaunch FontLab.


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The worst bug I ever experienced was in a version of Quark, where if you moved your cursor just a lit little bit off the top of a pull-down menu, you got the bomb. Remember the bomb? -- compared to which the spinning beach ball is a smarmy euphemism.

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The pre OSX bomb looked like something from Acme of RoadRunner cartoon fame, complete with lit fuse :-)
OSX is WAY more stable than its predecessor.

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I think FL knows who the big guys are and plays with the newbies!

but really think there's something with phyton scripts and some environment variables on OSX that provoke this.

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I use Windows 7 and I still manage to crash thrice a week. I recently had to do a fresh OS install and it crashes at the same frequency. It depends what I'm working on. If I'm arrow key tapping points, it's unlikely to crash. If I'm messing with the mask layer, composites, paste special, classes or dragging and dropping glyphs, I'm more likely to crash it. The current version of FLS doesn't crash as predictably as older versions did. I used to have to do certain things to avoid crashes. But now it's different. I can do something to make it crash, load the same font, do exactly the same thing again and it won't crash.

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