Novel pairing recommendation

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I'm setting the interior of a novel in Life BT and am searching for a good pairing font to do chapter headings. Serif preferred but sans recommendations welcome also. Thanks in advance!

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I'd go for something else for bodytext, why Life BT?

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Life (i.e. Times) is very sharp.
Display moderns with fine crisp detail, e.g. Apple Didot, combine quite well.

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Hi Nick,

Thank you for your recommendation and sorry I didn't reply sooner. After looking at Didot (and some of the similar Identifont recommendations), I'm looking for something with a little more weight to it. Did think Acanthus Text might look nice.

Conversely, I have been looking at perhaps picking up Insigne's regular Aviano family as its style would be appropriate for the book's content and could possibly serve as the basis of a logotype for the book. I'm slightly concerned with its extended nature, but anything of a similar style I would be definitely be interested in looking at.

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