need advice regarding masters in type design program

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My application recently got denied for a masters in type design program. I learned from one of the jurors/professors that my portfolio needed to be 'less pragmatic and ordinary commissioned work'. He further noted that they were looking for work that contained more personal and experimental projects. This was my first time applying for a masters program and I unfortunately created my portfolio based on projects that I've done as an in-house graphic designer.

I want to reapply for the program next year but before I do, I want to ensure that I know how to best approach the creation of my new portfolio.

That said, would it be a total faux-pas to reach out to the professor again, the one who had already taken the time to give me his feedback, --to see if I can get a tour of his school and request to see their student mid-term critiques? The last thing I want to do is come off like I'm brown-nosing in any way. Thoughts anyone?

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Seems to me like your time would be better spent just getting going on some "more personal and experimental projects"...

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It is one thing to "get to know the program better" and another to "brown nose". As long as you are doing the former I see no reason why it is a bad idea. Insight is helpful. But I also agree with Craig in that they have made a suggestion that you should do.

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awesome. thank you both for your time and insight. i have received 2 other replies regarding this, one stressed the highest of importance in introducing myself to the school and observing student portfolios, the other countered the first. i find it interesting that it was the student of business who challenged the advice from the professor of art --that it would be best to ultimately let my work speak for itself.

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It seems that you failed to sufficiently entertain the professors presenting your work. You got answered “you’re not sexy enough” – not: “you would still have to learn a bit more before getting enrolled”. Think about that seriously before turning back to them again.

The name of the school – ? ;-)

Anyway, as a student it is entirely up to you to define what you want to learn. A good teacher will then pick you up where you are now, not saying “do this before I talk to you”.

In any case you’re welcome to attend the “Typophile Academy”. No entrance fee, no peeping tutors. Just put your work in the ›Critique‹ section and you’ll get helped.

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thank you both! i do appreciate your added tips and perspectives. it has certainly given me more to think about and one thing is for sure, however i might arrive at furthering my education, it is certainly going to be an intriguing process and I tend to embrace its every step.

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a typeface design program?! AND in my beloved nyc?! please excuse my state of happy shock and excitement. this is what i have been wishing for --for so very long. i must forward this to all my friends and peers straight away. wow. how ironical. i just left the states a little over 3 months ago...

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Kat, I'm curious: what happened with your type education?


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