Typositor Parts?

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Hey All!

I have a rather odd request I'm hoping somebody may have some suggestions for me . . .

I'm trying to locate and purchase a Typositor or Typositor reel assembly for sale?

I don't require a working Typositor per se but rather the reel to reel assembly to be able to review 2" fimstrip fonts . . .

Kindly advise or suggest where I may obtain these . . .

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions gang!


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Thanks for the inspiration Nick!

My brain wasn't able to muster the related nature of old film winders . . .

Your links were exactly what I needed to get going . . . Thanks for that!

FYI, while I can likely create my own cobbled together contraption from this, it seems impossible to find a 2" specific format since the closest equivalent size is 51mm but this isn't an actual filmstrip size so I'll have to hack down a 75mm reel or hack up a 35mm one . . .

Funny how the technology goes . . .

Again many thanks and if anybody spots an old typositor sitting on a curb, please post here!


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it seems impossible to find a 2" specific format since the closest equivalent size is 51mm

Broadcast-quality videotape used to be 2" wide; it's possible that a local TV station has some junk in its basement they wouldn't mind getting rid of...

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Hello-- I am new to this forum, But I do Have 3 Typositors and parts. They are stashed in my attic, But I may have time to find the font reel setups you require. I set "Filmo"
For 20 years here in Phx, and I liked the machines so much, I bought 3 to have handy.
Hottern heck in the attic--and its a Cooler weather job, But let me know your thoughts. Bye Now--

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Hey VGC!

Thanks for posting, I am interested in finding out what you have and what you'd like to part with, please e-mail me offline directly at diner (at) fontdiner (dot) com . . .


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