Looking for some feedback on a poster I'm working on

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Hi guys, I'm working on this poster showcasing some of the characteristic typefaces of Amsterdam and would really appreciate some feedback on the design so far. It's not finished yet, I'm considering changing some of the letters but it would be nice to have some opinions regarding the overall look of it so far. Thanks!

Bigger image - http://diogotovar.com/portfolio/images/XXX-type-BIG.jpg

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I like it! A real puzzle!

A few things:

The M's in AMSTERDAM could be a little lighter, they stand out because they're so fat. To even the colour I'd suggest using lighter versions.

Isn't the Amsterdam logo (XXX) normally used vertically in stead of horizontally?


in stead of


I get the tile-like layout, however it's somewhat black, too present to my liking. Maybe tone it down or make them smaller?

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I think the S and D in Amsterdam are not typical for Amsterdam. Richard Keizer has a page with fonts he made from signage in Amsterdam. It's all freeware, done by an amateur, but you might find some nice things at his site: http://home.tiscali.nl/r_keijzer/fontenwerkplaats.htm

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Thanks for the feedback! I´ll definitely need to change some of the letters, I´d like to add some in the Amsterdam School style (thanks for the link Micha, some nice stuff in it), just need to go for a walk and take some photos. The XXX can be used both horizontal and vertical, in the Amsterdam flag for example it´s used horizontally, but you see it a lot on the vertical version on the coat of arms, on street signage or on the decoration of buildings.
I think I´ll try a new version without the black square background on the ornaments, just make the ornaments black on white and maybe scale up the letters a bit, it might look a bit lighter. I´ll post it here when I have a new version. Thanks again!

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You can also find some examples in LayIn, Lay Out, (en ander oud zeer) and Voor Verbetering Vatbaar by Piet Schreuders. All published by De Buitenkant.
And even more examples in "Amsterdam in Letters", published by Valiz.

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