Implied Blackletter, Fraktur-esque Font

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So I am starting a project wherein the branding is surrounding a famous Catholic saint, Padre Pio. So my ideation has lead to creating a wordmark that emulates a Gutenberg style typeface but also has a very modern feel to it. Basically, I am looking for a font that very subtly implies a blackletter style without such hard strokes.

...and yes I have looked at Fakir.

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Why would you want to represent an Italian saint with a German blackletter? I could see it if you were promoting Martin Luther...

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Perhaps Tim Ahren's Herb, orAiram LT STD?

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@doubledaggers Thanks for the suggestions! Those are actually very helpful.

@oldnick I guess I didn't think about the country that Pio had come from... which is a great point, although I am not sure if Italian typography really reflects Catholicism as a whole. I am trying to touch on more the more archaic roots of the religion, such as scribes and early printing press. I am thinking more of a Benedictine calligraphic style with a modern twist.

I do not think that Padre Pio was too much into experimental Italian futurist type.

; )

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And moving farther afield, but still perhaps appropriate ...

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@auricfuzz I really like Lapture! These are all great. Thanks guys for the help with the fonts and some thought on my research.

Anymore are appreciated.


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FWIW, among my prized typographic possessions is a page from a Roman Catholic Missal published in Venice in 1520. The closest present-day equivalent to the alphabet used on my page (which prescribes the ritual for dedicating a new church) would be Tudor Black. I am rather surprised that a quick online search didn't reveal a digital version (at least, not one credited as Tudor Black) other than my inline offering, Fordor Incised NF..

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I really like Hamlet by Canada Type, though I don't know if it fits here...

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