(x) Need to know this font - lettering, suggestions {gang}

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Saw this on some old Boy scout handbooks at a thrift shop, and finally saw it to reference. Anyone? Thanks. - c

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Thanks oldnick. While I think that's very close, I don't think that's exactly it. Those seem to have a gill sans-esque sharp curved stroke ending to them. I think this typeface's stroke endings are all straight and blocky.

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I guess—hell, I know—your eyes are a lot better than mine, but the roundness you see may be the result of smooth anti-aliasing or a rounded stroke added to the font...

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Here is another sample of the font I believe. Any help with this one?

"Meyer's" > http://www.mrsmeyers.com

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Keep in mind that it can always be lettering, not a font – especially with logos. ‘Mrs. Meyer’s’ is based on a popular American lettering style. The typefaces Nick mentioned are very much in this vein. More alternatives in this list. You can get pretty close with LTC Tourist Gothic Alternate.

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Thanks. Morgan Poster and Pacifico are pretty damn close to what I was looking for. I really appreciate it. - c

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