Please recommend a Cyrillic Font in Adobe CS4

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I was asked to substitute Cyrillic text into Illustrator CS4 pages that now have text in Japanese. The Cyrillic text (set in Times New Roman) is longer than would fit nicely in the given spaces. This is for a church booklet so it would be nice to have a sober Old-World serif which is also narrower than the Times and more beautiful. Any recommendations? Any free fonts out there that would suit? Spasiba.

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In CS4, Minion is your only reasonable serif option. Not a bad choice, though – and even a bit narrower than Times.

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Cyrillic? Narrow? Free? Take a look at Old Standard.

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Thank you Florian and Jongseong I was amazed by the promptness and aptness of your responses. Both fonts you recommended are as narrow as Times, but much nicer on the eye. I will make a choice after some more study.

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