Designing a set of stamps for the four seasons(everybody comes in olz)

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well i posted b4,but cant find it now

its the RSA project im doing at the moment, requires to design a set of stamps that appeal to the younger group, it can be worldwide or national, can be aimed at the specific event.

im designing the four seasons for my stamps(i know its quite normal), i asked some ppl b4 about their visions of what the four seasons r like, but when i talked to my tutor a few days ago, he said i need the specific reason for why i design the stamps for seasons.

so now my question is: if there are stamps with the four seasons on them, what sort of the images of the four seasons would make you wanna buy them? or what sort of stamps do u wanna by in spring/summer/autumn/winter?

help help


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Lynn, your ( previous ) thread has been moved to 'Design'.:

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cheers and sorry for the troubles

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Sorry about that Lynn. I should've left the original thread with my notice of moving it up a little longer.

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