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Hello everybody

this is about a poster for a small theater in town and is the poster i mention to the General Discussions board at the "S/M Typeface Wanted" string.

The story: the tragic documentation of a stong and deadly passion among 3 persons: a couple and the best girl-frient of the woman. Love and hate is total and exist at the same time. Violence is both physical and phsycological. There is no logic and ethics, only the power of passion which in the end leads to the death.

There is no real story that i can describe, since the play is based more on the emotions of the scenes than their plot.

The poster: A and B are the first approaches. They chose B and so we moved to F1,2,3 expecting to select the final. I am sorry that i posted the work so late, but everything happened very fast. Actually i posted the work because one week ago i asked for appropriate font to the theme ("S/M Typeface Wanted" in General Discussions board).

Eventually being ispired from what everybody kindly send i designed the lettering for the title (as you see it needs hell a lot of work) but i couldn't make it work with the poster.

Have a nice day, christos

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Sweet, I think the font is ideal and the directions are accurate to your description!
I am partial to F1, however, I feel like the incorporation of the man/woman bathroom icons isn't successful from the cardboard concept. Their basic rounded forms feel foreign to the harsh angles and intense imagery, and the font, too. My suggestion would be to try redrawing these characters, make fit. (though this message may just be too late!)

Good luck!

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Hello Aaron

i understand your objection but i disagree. I like the differentiation between the elements and i believe it works in this sceptic: this process of destruction leaded by the passion can take any "ordinary" person and make him/her go to the edges. Also the story starts very "normal" to end up in "flames" of sensuality and death.

I don't agree to make the figures "more fit" because i think then their presence would be useless.

Thank you for the feedback


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> How important do you feel the gun

I'm guessing the play ends with some shooting.


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tiffany: the gun is a basic element in the last
scenes and the director would like to have it
on the poster. Maybe is too literal...

The black lines really are inspired by film
negatives and to be honnest i am not sure
i understand your last question ("Can you
use the word appealing in the context?").

As for the looooooooooooong lines you are
sooooooooooo right that i cannot disagree.
I also get tired of that and usually i care
to brake the lines.


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...and the winner is F1.

thank you for the input.

I'd like to have some comments for the types
too, because i am not sure if it's worthy
to carry on with them.

cheers, christos

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How important do you feel the gun is to the poster Christos?
(Maybe a stupid question) I don't see it as a necessary element.

For whatever reason, F3 reminded me of a negative from a
camera that has been dangerously spliced apart, and from there
I thought of voyeurism. The contrast of the white and the blood
red is also more appealing to me. Can you use the word
appealing in the context?

You really need to pics that aren't so wide. Don't mind
scrolling down forever, but reading loooonnnggg lines of text
is a little bit of a pain. :^)

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gun: maybe a version that is a bit more "isotype", similar to your man/women sign.

appealing: mostly a joke. the idea that s/m might be appealing in general. =^D

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