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i am doing a logo for school ( a redesign of eagle creek travel supplies). their current logo on top... and mine down below (with and without the mark tilted). the colors are not absolutely final as of yet.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Jason, you need the words travel gear incorporated in the logo, or it could be a brand of beer, hotel or other business. Did you try a round four directions arrow reflecting their globe?

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hey daniel, my teacher told me i could drop the travel gear, as this is a packaging class and she felt that if you were already at a gear shop, you would know the brand. I was indifferent and thought it wouldnt hurt to keep it in there. I will play around with it.

As far as rounding the arrows, it would probably defeat the whole coming and going aspect which is incorporated with a compass (you will notice in the negative space the arrows are all pointing in to one spot, while the positive arrows are all pointing out in all directions. I will try it right now to see if they still read.


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