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Hello everyone,

I'm currently doing a 3 weight typeface (light, regular & bold), I've almost finished the regular version and I have the ligh's & bold's without the accents and some other glyphs.

Which, do you think, is the best way of building a typeface of several weights without using Multiple Master*?

*I've used it, making a weight axis (light & bold) but the regular strokes and curves doesen't quite convince me, and it takes me a lot of work to design the glyphs in ligh and bold to be able to see the regular version...


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In most cases one cannot interpolate well between two fonts with extreme differences in contrast such as a very light weight and a bold weight. Using anisotropic interpolation (in Superpolator or UFOstretch) will give you a regular weight that’s a good starting point but will need a great deal of cleanup work before the design is finished. Once the regular master is done you can then interpolate between the three masters to get everything you need.

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