Urbana: Beautiful brush-inspired sans

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I just wanted to share a font that I discovered today that hasn't gotten any mention on this forum yet:


Is anyone else in love with it?

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I'm also inlove with this type!

It's of Cesar Puertas from Colombia,
He is a great font designer and I had
the luck to meet him here in Uruguay.
Very nice person too.

Best Regards.

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PS: It's inspired on the brush lettering in Bogotá's buses.

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Basic beginner question. What is Urbana used for? Where would it be used? Is this a text font?

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Urbana actually was put up on Typophile's Critique section during its development:


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Interesting, I did a search for "Urbana" and only got a mention of the Champaign/Urbana area of Illinois. Is there a better way to search than the search box at the top of this page?

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J., I tightened the kerning and made the semi-bold into a friendly word mark for a logo. I could see it being used for other marketing and identity work.

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Is there a better way to search than the search box at the top of this page?


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J. Tillman>

Urbana is not for long passages of text. It’s better suited to headings and titles, perhaps for magazines, newspapers or even web use.

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