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Hi all,
First post here - although I've enjoyed much advice and entertainment from this site before today.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on a type choice and some simple indentity work. I'm re-branding a little business of mine - and as expected, being to close to the subject means it's difficult to be objective. The business is a small studio specialising in 3D computer generated imagery, and photographic based illustration for advertising and marketing use. Most clients are either corporate marking departments, or ad agencies, but I'm looking to add some editorial work to the mix. Typical current work is in a realistic or technical style, but i am looking to broaden this, so the branding needs to work for a wider market. I also do some photoshop and other training under this brand.

The two options shown are: top; my initial choice of Dalton Maags 'Co. Headline'. For me, the big issue here is width. Vantage Graphics is a fairly long name, which I'm reluctant to change, and I think it works best set as one line.

A second look made me consider a very different alternative of 'Mekanik'. I like this for it's industrial conotations - which sits well with most of my current clients, and it solves the width issue.

I realise these are two very diffierent solutions. Mekanik works better IMHO given the name, but is it too industrial, mecanical and masculine?

Your thoughts and critique on this - and the 'V in circle' logo - would be welcomed.

Many thanks,

Mike A.

PS: should have said the above images are not final - letterspacing needs fixing etc.

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If I were to do this, I think I would’ve drawn something that echoed the shapes in the mark somehow. As of now they’re completely unrelated. If you think of the mark as just another glyph in your font you’d expect the shapes to bare mark of the same tools/construction as the type, wouldn’t you?

That said, your mark might be a bit too generic.

Drawing the glyphs yourself also let you give it the “feel” you’re looking for while keeping it narrow, and — the most important part – it’ll be unique!

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Even though I am getting a bit of a Star Trek vibe, I quite enjoy the little mark. But I also have to echo Frode's remark about picking up the shape in the accompanying typeface - right now it is very disconnected.
At the very least, you should try to find a font that picks up the width/angle of the V.
Please post your progress!

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Frank, Seb - Thanks for your comments. Yes, I can't disagree - there is a disconnect between the 'wide V' of the mark and the 'narrow V' of the font. I guess I'm trying to force a connection here as I like the form of the mark and I like the style of Mekanik.

As I was drawing the mark I was getting a sense of deja vu - but I couldn't quite place it. As it happens a Star Trek vibe would probably fit OK with a few of my clients - so I can live with that :) It is a simple mark - but I'm wanting something that will work down to favicon size.

Anyone else?

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If you like the narrow type, in order to retain some connection with the wide mark, you could find or modify the V in a style similar to this:

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To come back on this...

Riccard - thanks for your comment. That was something that I'd thought of but not tried until now.

Given the comments, I reviewed the font choice as well as my thoughts on the mark. I looked again at my shortlist, but came back to using a condensed face - Mekanik or a modified Univers Condensed 49.

So, before I go any further, apologies to Mr. Frutiger. I'm working way beyond my level of typographic competence here.

Here's my latest work in progress:

Modifications are a redrawing of the capital V, changes to the ascender/descender length and some change to the height of the body of the lowercase g.

I've also re-drafted the mark to match the design of the initial capital V.

Your thoughts?

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For comparison, here is the latest "Mekanik" based version.

Which do your prefer?

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