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I’m designing a logo for a friends church and want to use the rather lovely stone work above the entrance as inspiration. Does anyone have an idea of a good starting point to creat something similar. Obviously it doesn’t need to be in relief but something of the same weight and style (possibly without flourishes) would be a great help.

I could draw the letters from the original but to be honest the budget is pretty small so don’t really have the time.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Church stone work374.56 KB
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ITC Quorum Bold has a similar feel, and you could make it closer by tweaking a few characters.

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Maybe you can dig up some info about the architect or artist who created these. It’s kinda hard to tell from your image, but I guess that A (like in Algerian) is a keeper if you want it to look similar.

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Quorum isn’t to far off actually, I can see how with a little fiddling I could get a very similar effect.

Thanks guys.

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What kind of church is this?

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It’s Church of England. I have done a really quick mock up of part of the logo, what do you guys think?

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Fix the weight of your first T, perhaps? I like it.

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FWIW, here's a set I'm working on. based on an Eric Gill stonework design for a memorial...

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Absolutely right frode frank, there are quite a few small details that I need to spend more time on. Just a mock up for now to show the client the concept :D

Love your work oldnick, think the Gill influence makes it a bit tricky for this purpose though, not quite uniform enough.

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the mock up you have is a good concept. The only problem I can see is that the E gets a little bit lost at the end. Maybe try putting the terminals on an angle and leaving a small notch in the corners similar to the top left of the first S.

Of course, doing that might mean you have to angle the terminals of S T and G as well.

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