Digital Old books: Share your old books links here!

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Hi everybody!
I know you have some links, Share them! :)

1. This page is from the University of Strasbourg they have a lot of digitalized old books, with awesome resolution!

2. Rarebook room, they have a original bodoni specimen!

3. This are all of Penmanship, very interesting PDF's!!!

4. This link has some old borders and initials

5. This link has the best PDF's of calligraphy and penmanship ready to download

This are a great source of inspiration for me,
Hope they'll be for you too!
Best regards,


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Thanks for sharing.

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Found a new one:

6. Octavo

Come on! I know you have some links!!!


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Wow. These links are ****ing amazing! Thanks for ruining my night, I was gonna to bed early.

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Glad I could help!

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Nice! ;)

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Thanks for the great resources. Although featuring mainly illustrations, this blog regularly publishes impressive material.

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I am rather fond of the page I have from a missal, printed in Venice in 1525. And two leaves from “The Canterbury Tales” from about the same time. And a couple of leaves from “De Boecken genaemt Apocryphe,” Dordeccht, 1618-1619.

Of course, my autographs of four of the five original Rolling Stones (Brian Jones didn't sign) is pretty cool, too…

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