(x) Thinline? - L&C Hairline {Frode}

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Any idea what this might be? And if so, is there a digital equivalent you could recommend? My client referred to it as "Thinline", but I'm not coming up with anything useful.

Many thanks.

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There's a font in the QBF filmtype catalogue called Hairliner that comes close, but not quite.

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Similar, but not the same, would be Premier Lightline

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This is L&C Hairline. See images in this thread. Avant Garde has some similiarities — actually the thinnest weights was based on it. A digital version exists, but it’s not for sale anymore (although you can contact Incipit, as they appear to sell it). Unfortunately, neither version has all the alternates used in your sample.

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Peter Bain at Incipit passed me on to Tom Carnase, one of the original designers. Unfortunately I can't open his website on my iPad without Flash.

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I’m not 100% sure about that Avant Garde thing, I just picked it up somewhere. That said, they are very similar in construction.

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The similar Premier from Elsner & Flake including alternates is available here:

[edit]Ahh, I didn't see Vivicity's post above[/edit]

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There you go. I e-mailed Tom. Will check back if he responds.

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This is what Thomas Carnase had to say: "The design is in the Cooper Union archives for study purposes only and not available for licensing at any level."

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