Rubicon (AMC TV show)

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I believe it's Avenir.

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Well, they're cousins, at least:

Rubicon in Avenir

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Might be Avenir Next. And the designer could have customized it a bit (e.g. the terminals of the C).

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Good call on the Avenir family. To be more specific on which font was customized though, it appears most likely to be Avenir Next Demi.

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It's really close. The RUBI looks like Avenir Next with some very minor structural differences (the leg on the R starts farther out in the original and has a different angle, the curves of the U are flatter, the upper bowl on the B is shorter). What could cause that?

The CON, though, looks a lot more like Myriad than Avenir, with some alteration on the C.

Top: Original; Bottom: Avenir Next + Myriad

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Gotham Narrow, I’d say (with customised C).

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I just had the same idea, only I just changed the C to Gotham and cut out a bit from it:

I don't have Gotham Narrow. :(

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