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Hi everyone

I'm designing a logo for a company called Future Textiles Ltd. To give you a little overview of who they are but without boring you too much, heres a brief description:

Newly founded knitted products company Future Textiles Ltd is planning a future in technical textiles and is already developing and manufacturing products for healthcare and personal protective equipment (PPE) applications.

Future Textiles was set up in April this year by Aidan Tracey a former Remploy Manufacturing Director who has over thirty years knitwear manufacturing experience. In a national shake-up of its UK manufacturing operations, Remploy closed a number of factories earlier this year and Aidan purchased a group of thirty of the company’s Stoll and Shima Seiki flat knitting machines in 5, 7 and 10 gauges.

The company currently manufactures a range of standard flat knitted products but is developing products for new markets together with a number of strategic partners. Current joint developments with University of Manchester spinout Engineered Fibre Structures Ltd, include flat knitted medical devices and a range of heatable knitted products for industrial and healthcare markets.

Future Textile’s strategy is to develop new technologies and products with partners, which can be protected to deliver competitive advantage, whilst manufacturing in the UK. The company is open to discussions on collaborative product and market development.

Just looking for any general feedback really - my logo isnt the final thing yet - just the first concept that i felt was worth working on. Havent decided on colours yet either so have left it in one flat colour (the company is british so was thinking of incorporating appropriate colours, if possible to do so without it looking tacky/cliche). Not entirely satisfied with the type - hopefully you can see what im trying to do - keep the x-height the same except for the uppercase letters - not sure it looks 100% right though.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

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Future Textiles Ltd

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Hay Rachel,

My first impression is that the letters don't work well together (maybe it's just me, but using upper and lower case letters randomly in a word seems wrong). Also, the logo seems a bit heavy for a textile company. I know this may be deliberate, referencing the machines themselves, but it's what I notice.

The bottmos of uppercase letters shaped like a needle are a nice touch though. I'd also be careful with the 'closed-ness' of the e's. Thay might close and look like crossed o's in smaller sizes (especially if the medium used for the logo is knitted, or thred).

I have to say that the combined "F" "T" symbol is very nice. Conceptually. It also seems too heavy.

Just my opinion.

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