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Wondering what fonts you recommend that are between:


Ideally its not another free font, would like something a little more pro. I really like Mandatory but it only has one weight. Perhaps its built off of (or stolen from) another font?

Thanks Guys,

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Check out Replica, Lutz Headline and Numberplate from Lineto.

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Recently released:

Only one weight, but several styles.

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Mandatory is an amateur digitization of the UK car number plate typeface. A cleaner, well-done version is CP Mono by Tino Meinert. It comes in 5 weights and is, despite its good quality, free as well. See this thread for more license plate type.

Frode already mentioned Lineto. They also have Alpha Headline. It comes in 4 weights, but is available only ‘at the end of 2012’.
Lorenzo Geiger’s Trans-Am is similar.

See also the fonts by; Blender, T-Star and Regular, maybe FRAC.
For a more angular direction, check out House United – styles aplenty. Only one weight, but nevertheless 12 styles: Vafle by Tomáš Brousil

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thanks, folks

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Florian. You rule! Amazing find.

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