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Without wanting to start a flame war at the conference organizers for not having the schedule published yet... I'm just curious who is going this year. As it turns out I will be going after all.

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I am going. See you there.

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I'm going. First time!

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I'll be there. The schedule is actually up, as of Monday, I think.

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I will be attending as well, also for the first time. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Mark, that was just the workshop schedule that went up.

Yey, I hope more people answer I'm just wondering who I'll meet for the first time and who I'll get to see again. :)

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I'll be there.

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I'm going.

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Yes, I'll be there, and I hope Tiffany won't mind if I hijack her thread to ask my usual trinity of questions:

1. Where is the best espresso in Los Angeles to be had? Anywhere near the conference venue?

2. What are the best bookshops? I see that the famous Heritage Bookshop has closed: alas, another pilgrimage site that didn't stick around long enough for me to visit.

3. What are the best restaurants within striking distance of the hotel? Any local delicacies that are worth seeking out?

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I'll be missing TypeCon this year. I'm already missing seeing you all..

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3. What are the best restaurants within striking distance of the hotel? Any local delicacies that are worth seeking out?

The best local delicacies in LA are the ethnic cuisine. The Ethiopian food at Messob is excellent. After the meal you have to get the traditional Ethiopian coffee. It's 3 miles from the Hyatt, which isn't quite striking distance, but you don't need to take a freeway to get there :)

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i'm local to LA so i'm definitely going to be there :)

raph's picture

I'll be there, it's my first TypeCon, and I'm expecting it to be quite an experience.

Jackson's picture

I'll be there.

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I'll be there (as Tiff already knew from lunch today).



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Yes. I'll be at the AV table with JP as usual.

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I’m afraid I will not be attending TypeCon this year. This will be the first I’ve missed in almost 10 years. (The only other Con I didn’t attend was the very first.)

I’m sorry not to meet some new folks, and I’m especially sorry I won’t be seeing many old friends.

I hope everything goes smoothly. Y’all have a really good time, y’hear?

And hopefully, I’ll be able to make it next year.

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P.S. — Stewf, give JP a big hug from me, please.

.00's picture

I won't be going. (No surprise there)

But I will be going to ATypI in Dublin. Anyone else?

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Neither will I, and I'll miss it for the fun and the pleasure of seeing the usual suspects, and the new people I would meet.
(But I'll miss this and any other TypeCon that is in August... I know you people in the States are only entitled to four hours of annual leave a year, but over here in Europe every August families migrate en mass to Mediterranean beaches)

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I will be going to TypeCon and be happy to see you all.
Gerry, a month long beach vacation sounds pretty good too!


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Although I'm able to attend this year, I agree with Gerry that August is a bad time for the conference and hope that it is moved back to July in future.

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What's with the Europeans!? LA is the perfect place to drag the family for a beach vacation. The variety of shells you find on the beach is amazing... .44, .22 etc., ;-)

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Change of plans: fly with family to Si's home, drop off kids there, go to Typecon. Yup, knew there was a way after all. (John and Miffany can give you the lowdown on the boys)

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I will not be attending this year, unfortunately. But I will be thinking of all my dear friends as I carve the letter Z into the stone of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

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"...drop off kids at Si's house"

That'll fix him :-)

Si_Daniels's picture

>"...drop off kids at Si's house"

>That'll fix him :-)

Well, I'll be at TypeCon cashing in on all the pints I'm owed. And the house and contents are insured :-/ still might not be such a great idea.

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Gerry, you are the only person I would allow call me Miffany.

Si, I'm sure you'd love watching Gerry's boys.

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I'll buy you a pint, too, Si! See you in that odd land we call "LA", dude.

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LA is the perfect place to drag the family...

I recall Colin Firth saying something about Hollywood being a great place to take children for a visit because there are no adults there.

dezcom's picture

Yes, John, and that is just at the airport!

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I won't be there after all, sadly. Mostly for reasons of timing. Have a great time all – I'm looking forward to seeing [some of] you in Dublin.

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Si — That pint I owe you will have to wait until Dublin. Not such a bad deal, though, eh?

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totally bummin', dudes, that I won't be there to see you all again. I'm moving and starting the development process on my ridgetop hideaway, and I'll be very preoccupied. ;)

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I would love to go, but I'm not decided at the moment. My last day at American Greetings is about a week before then and that would make things a bit hectic to run off to LA immediately after.

dezcom's picture

I wonder if Dan Reynolds will be there? It is always great to see him and I hope he brings his newly released Guttenberg book set in Malabar. The scans look great!

blank's picture

Things are still very much a maybe here. I would like to go, but logistics might not allow for it.

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Can't make it, my son is getting married that weekend.
Not possible to relocate the wedding...

dezcom's picture

Congratulations, Nick! Give them our best wishes for a happy life together.

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Fantastic, congratulations, Nick! All the best to bride and groom.

ferfolio's picture

To expensive for me

But, who knows,
perhaps some day...


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Nick, you have to go: I've already composed one of my favorite pangrams for the occasion of your arrival in California!

Frequently so judgmental, Papazian received Nick with a big hug at LAX.

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I'll be there.

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Me too, I'll see you'all there.

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I'm in. Looking forward to it greatly. Been some years since I was in LA. Ahhh, dry heat.

@nick shinn

Congrats on the nuptials.


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I'll be there as well.

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1) Al Gelato, on Robertson. Also for exceptional ice cream and a great lunch. We can talk about what "near" means in LA over that espresso. :-)
2) For new stuff, Hennessey+Ingalls in Santa Monica (next to a great pedestrian zone). Our antique bookstores are closing... The worst news, with a very timely silver lining in the third paragraph:
There's this: http://iliadbooks.com/zencart/
Also see: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/982952/the_best_used_bookstores...
3) Decent but not exceptional stuff in the walking-distance mall. Tons of everything not too far. And if you like sushi, we have the best outside Japan.

Ken, Zara: major :-<

James, I'll be in Dublin too.

Nick: congrats!

Richard, it's been mellow lately, but now the forecast is calling for just that!


Nick Shinn's picture

Thanks for the congrats, folks.
I missed last year too, moving house.
Must improve my scheduling!

John Hudson's picture

Thanks for the tips, Hrant.

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