type combinations for alternative energy company

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I'm doing a logo for an alternative energy company and am looking for three different type combinations to present in my comps. I need clean and modern. I like the roundness of Futura or Avant Garde for one concept. Any compliments to those?

Any other suggestions?

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I think an alternative energy (I presume eco friendly) company would benefit from something with a bit more human characteristics than a geometric sans serif. You could still be clean and modern, but Futura and Avant Garde seem more machine-imposing-on-nature in this case.

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Futura/AG = Mobil
Univers = Esso
Helvetica = BP, Texaco

Anything new and trendy will do (but not retro like Gotham), classic modernism and traditionalism are tainted.

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BP's corporate font is Univers

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