Renaming Glyphs By Scheme

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I have a few dozen files to in which glyphs need to be renamed.
(to make a single file with small caps etc.)

Has anyone had luck with the Rename Glyphs By Scheme macro?
I can't seem to make it work though other python scripts have
worked well.

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what system/FontLab version are you running? Did you get the macro from What exactly is the problem when you're trying to run it?


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Adam -

I'm running FontLab 4.6, Python 2.3 and the script is from the
steroids download you mention. I've placed my .ren file within
the Mapping folder as instructed in the script too.

I have a few dozen T1 files that I'm breaking into full featured
OpenType fonts. Currently I'm trying to rename the small caps:
a to a.smcp
b to b.smcp
c to c.smcp

I've set them up as detailed in the script:
a a.smcp
b b.smcp
c c.smcp

Thinking I may have set something up incorrectly I also
ran some of the Tiro rename files and but got the same result.

After running the script I get:
"OK, glyphs renamed"

I'm not sure what would be causing this.


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1. Which *operating system* are you using? (Exactly).

2. So, you run the script and the *only* thing you see is "OK, glyphs renamed"? You don't see the dialog box? Or do you see the dialog box, run the script, get the "OK, glyphs renamed" message but the glyphs themselves aren't actually renamed? Are they color-marked?

Please try to describe everything you are doing and everything that happens, step-by-step.


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I'm running OSX - Panther 10.3.5

I get the dialog box, run the script, and then recieve the
"Ok, glyphs renamed" message. I've checked the option
to mark the glyphs that have been changed - though
they don't as the names aren't changing.

That's it, step by step.

I'm able to run my other Python scripts without a problem.


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Adam, I'm not sure if this is the issue that Eric is encountering, but I had a problem with the rename glyphs script last year when some .ren files I created had Unicode encoding instead of 'DOS'. [I made them in UltraEdit, with which I know you are familiar, and had set up my preferences so that every new document was automatically Unicode encoded.] When I converted the .ren files to 'DOS' encoding, the script worked.

Is it possible that your script requires 8-bit text?

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