Georg Kraus, Bleisetzer: 1955-2010

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One of our typophiles, Georg »Bleisetzer« Kraus, has passed away on July 22nd 2010. He was a man with character, who didn’t refuse to tell his own opinion, especially if it is against the mainstream. He was a keeper of lost typefaces, a provider of vintage typespecimen; a fighter for the »black art«, for mankind, for his home country. He lost his last fight this July. I will always remember you, Georg. Gott grüß die Kunst.

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This is sad news. Rainer, do you know what will happen to Herr Kraus’ collection? It would be a great shame to see it broken up or, worse, sold for scrap metal.

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Sorry, John, I don’t know. I think his son and his daughter are watching his blogs, if you'd like to comment there.

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Sad news.

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Oh no. That’s way too young.
Georg was a controversial character, always outspoken, often opinionated. I appreciated his authentic nature and his generous attitude. The samples of his metal type collection that he shared on his website have been a valuable resource to me. Georg, schöne ‘Betriebsferien’ – may you rest in peace.

Rainer, thank you for sharing this.

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Your dilligence and honesty, your way of swimming against the tide can never be valued enough, precisely in times like these.

»Sei’s trüber Tag, sei’s heitrer Sonnenschein,
ich bin ein Preuße, will ein Preuße sein!«

Ruhe in Frieden, Georg.

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Martin Z. Schröder has posted an obituary on his blog [in German].

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One of a kind, a great loss.

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This is really sad. I'll miss his presence here. I hope there are still champions of metal type out there.

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above the Düssel,
the Rhine

an imprint

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I am deeply saddened to learn of Georg's death on 22 July. I learned this sad news from a post by a member on The Briar Press. I had not met Georg in person, however we had been communicating often in the past few months as he was helping me equip my letterpress workshop. We spoke less than a week before the operation. Georg was reflective. He said that he did not feel like a man of this time, but rather a man of the early twentieth century. I feel lucky that our paths did cross and to have known Georg even for this short time. I feel a sense of loss at all of the discussions on the printing craft that we will not have. His death is a great loss to the entire letterpress community.

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

Georg, wir geben Sie zurück ins Blei. Gott grüß die Kunst!

- Pierre Ranger
Atelier Locomotive

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We lost a man of parts. I have lost a letterpress-printer colleague, who was passionate about traditions and enthusiastic about novelties. Truely sad.

* Wir kennen Deine Farben, Georg * für immer.

Gott grüß die Kunst.

A. Stötzner.

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