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Hey everyone, just curious what you guys think, or would do different with this logo? I really want to have a professional looking logo, so if you have a critique, I want to hear it! :)

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I think, it looks very good. Nice work!

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It's very generic.

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I agree, I actually kind of wanted to do more of a wordmark as opposed to a logo. Any suggestions, anyone, on what I can do to spice it up a bit more?

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I actually played a bit and came up with a different design. I used Whitney for the font, maybe there's something more suitable?

Also, what logo looks best?

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Everythingistooclosetogether. y o u n e e d t o i n c r e a s e t h e t r a c k i n g.

That mark also doesn't fit with the type choice. Is this a real company? It sounds so generic.

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What are the marks supposed to represent?

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It's a random shape. I was trying to think of something a bit more creative with meaning behind it, and I was drawing a blank.

I also agree that the mark and the font don't quite seem to match up. Any suggestions on that?

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If this is a real business, you need to hire a designer!

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I assumed the first one was an arrow pointing to the Southeast and made out of pixels. Guess not.

- Lex

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@Lex Kominek
Actually, that was pretty much the intent with the original logo, it's just the second one that I made that didn't really have a meaning.

@frode frank
I would love to hire a designer, however it's a small startup and thats one expense I'm not sure I can afford at this point.

Thanks so much for all your feedback though! I really appreciate it! :)

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You have to look at it as an investment. A decent logotype and branding guidance will pay off in increased income and help make your start-up more viable. The hours you’ll spend designing this * your hourly rate could easily be better spent with a professional.

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@frode - It really depends on the nature of the startup. If they have a need to appeal to random public and to form a specific company image, then - sure, the logo is certainly important. But if the company merely services a narrow niche on the market and relies on its sales for business, then the logo does not really matter; a membership in a proper golf club does :)

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I'm not sure this business covers either end of the spectrum you've put forward apankrat.


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