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This font is a sans serif in the traditional context. I like to think of this as a whimiscal font that can be used in text blocks.

I want to release this as a free font, so I'm trying to get everything just about right. The first link is the letters and some punctuation, and the second is a poem written by a good friend of mine set to Whipple. They are *.swf files so zoom in and tell me what you think of the letter forms, fixes for spacing, etc.


application/x-shockwave-flashLetter Forms
whipple1.swf (10.4 k)

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whipple2.swf (6.1 k)

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i like it, it has a script character but with some corrections it can stand like a text font.

i think you should fix some letters that are to rigid and doesn't belong to you font personality.( E, F, h, z, 8, v, Z, Y, X), they shouild be solved in a less shy way.

BTW, i think the kerning in the poem is to tight, loose it a little bit.


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Hi Tim, I am agree with cristian, it

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thank you very much you two I'll go back a take another look.


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