HTF Requiem - ligatures and web usage

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My employer uses HTF Requiem as the standard typeface in print and identity. It is a great face and a broad family for many applications. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have ligatures for the text weights, except for italics. Am I wrong? Am I just missing something?

Also, a lot of my work is for the web. Requiem's fine serifs often breakdown when they are exported in images. Any suggestions on dealing with this issue? Alternate, comparable typefaces?

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According to the H&FJ online test driver, the upright styles have all necessary ligatures, plus even a few fancy ones (ct, st). Maybe you have an older version?

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How do you typically export the images?

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Regarding web usage:

Sometimes if I'm forced to use an identity face for web work that has fine serifs, it can be just enough weight to help if a thin black stroke is added to the type before exporting for the web. That's usually TERRIBLE advice for print work because it destroys the delicate stroke variation built into seriffed letterforms! But to withstand the pressures of low-resolution display, it can often be just enough weight to distribute across available pixels to make a difference....and definitely check the antialiasing and color level settings of your exports. Tinker until something works...

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» Florian - It could be an older version perhaps. I now see the ligatures in the test driver that you are referring to.

» penn - I usually use Photoshop > save for web. In the example I posted, I used 'Smooth' for font for aliasing type.

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» DISH - That sounds like good advice. I haven't tried apply a small stroke. I'll see what I can come up with. Thank you!

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Hi Tom,

All the ligatures should be there in each of the italics, but feel free to drop us a line ( if you're having any trouble.

Also, when the serifs on the Fine break up, try the more durable optical sizes: Display first, and then, finally, Text. More, here:

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Merci Monsieur Hoefler! My sample above uses the Display weight at 48pt. I hadn't thought to try the Text weight. Definitely an improvement, as you can see in my new sample.

I tried adding the thin black stroke as mentioned by DISH but I couldn't use a stroke small enough to accommodate the point size I was using. I'll have to try that trick again if the need arises in the future with another typeface. Fortunately, the use of the Text weight solves the problem nicely!

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