Kerning and Tracking resources?

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Hi there!

I'm a 3d motion designer learning more about Typography, an interest of mine which sadly has not been of great importance in the projects that I do for work.

So while I have some spare time I'd like to re-educate myself and learn how to use it better.

For starters I have question about tracking and kerning.

Often when I kern and track some letters, I do it by eye, but who knows if I have a good eye for this sort of detail? ;)

I'm wondering are there any good online resources that can show me good kerning/tracking and perhaps show me a few do's and don'ts?

Also any books perhaps?


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Aw, glad to help out here, 'cause I asked almost the same thing a while ago.

A lot of links are in here: (I'd especially recommend going to your library and picking up a copy of 'Letters of Credit'; it did help me)

Briem has some nice tips, too:

Maybe also check out the description of iKern's algorithm here:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for that :)

I'll have a look at those resources and meanwhile I'm studying how others have used typefaces in their works.

Hope to be able to improve real soon ;)

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