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I'm currently working on a small book of poems and feel that I'm struggling a bit getting the right balance with the typography.

The client originally stipulated the use of Gill Sans for the poems which felt a bit clunky so currently I am using Futura + Berling which I think works well and fits close enough to keep the client happy.

I've not set poems before so am a bit unsure of the rules etc and the huge variation in line length and poem size has been catching me out so I was hoping to get a few pointers.


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There is no duty for using a different typeface for titles and headlines. If you use Futura, use it also for the titles of the poems. And make the text completely black.

I probably would neither use Gill Sans nor Futura.

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Ideally I'd rather use some alternative fonts but the client really is set on Gill Sans, if anyone has any suggestions along these lines that would work better I'd be open to suggestion.

I've tried with the same font and yeah it does look more streamlined thanks. Oh and the text is now black throughout though it looks grey here.

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Richard Hendel touches on Poetry layout in his On Book Design. http://www.amazon.com/Book-Design-Mr-Richard-Hendel/dp/0300075707

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