100 fonts named Yo

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Terminal Design's Yo family of fonts have just been released:
Yo Andy
Yo Frankie
Yo Lucy
Yo Sophie
Yo Zelda

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My top-of-mind:


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Very useful release, James! Impressive.

Maybe you're aware of this already and don't mind the overlap, but an Andy, a Frankie, and a Sophie already exist.

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Goes to Hollywood
Family Silver (cue ChrisL...)

(Nice spread, James.)

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Thanks for the advice.

Yo is the trademarked name. The given names are the widths. I have no problem with the overlap. And since you can't trademark given names...

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These are some of the best interpretations of the Pistilli that everyone has raved about.

Great work. I really like the balance of YoFrankie, it's beautiful.

I'd like to see some italics in the future.

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Happy you like it Steven, but Yo has very little to do with Pistilli.

Pistilli Roman:

Yo Frankie-FIfteen:

I'm very familiar with Pistilli, but didn't have it in mind at all when I was working on Yo.

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I'm curious about your production process on this impressive series. I know you're a multiple master maven, but I wondering if you used any other software, like superpolator, or font remix tools?

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While I have a licensed copy of ReMix tools, and find them very impressive, the Yo series was created in FontLab with no other tools. Only FontLab's MM interface with four drawn instances. On the website I talk about originally wanting to create 520 fonts organized in 26 widths, and I'm only half kidding. It's amazing to see how a slight difference in the width axis would yield a very different feeling design.

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Yeah, I typed that quickly... I didn't really mean "interpretation" per se. Sorry about that. These are much more elegant, in my opinion, and more thought-out than Pistilli. I love the weight-range.

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I get some kind of flash error when I access your site. I don't know if this is a problem with my browser (firefox) or the site. It's a shame though, as this sounds really nice.

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Are you using the latest version of Flash Player?

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@William: The high Didone contrast of Yo makes it well suited to doing an extreme range of weights and widths in straight FontLab MM space, without resort to Superpolator or other add-ons. Try the same dynamic range with a fairly low-contrast design and you'll start needing something else to help out.



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Thanks, Thomas, that's interesting.

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Hmmm. "Add-on" is probably not the best way I could have referred to Superpolator... but I think the general idea is clear enough.

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