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Hi, I am a graphic designer. I've been working for 2 years now. I design type alot, but haven't learnt how to make a font funtional. Are there any online type design courses? Not on using type in design, but actually designing type.


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Sukekha since you are from Bombay, I suggest you go to an educational institution. IDC and JJ are the best in Mumbai with many experts in typography and type design. The professors might not have time, but they conduct workshops. Better still is get in touch with senior students of typography — PhD students are the best, they have sound theoretical knowledge and have lots of time to share and teach, you'll find their contact info online. I think it'll be difficult to learn Type design online. It needs face to face critiques.

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Not much luck with online 'type design' learning.

Step 1:
Google 'type design books' and see what's available.

Here is one possible link:

Step 2: buy yourself a copy of FontLab:

You can probably get a student discount.

Step 3: Jump right in and give it a try.

There are plenty of individuals that did just that.

Good typography, or I should say, making good fonts that you can sell, comes from a lot of practice and experience.

But, if you truly have a passion, you'll find a way to overcome the setbacks. Good luck.

Other online resources:

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Second that, especially the passion part. I'm (aspiring to be) one of those self-taught guys. We may not have the time to accumulate the immense printing history knowledge that some around here definitely have, but it should be enough for "making a font functional."

Don't forget to mention FontForge as a free FontLab substitute. And yes, there are many websites out there like Typeworkshop and Briem's Notes on type design. The best resource and link collection though remains this forum.

Most importantly though, look at both the typefaces you like and the ones you dislike very closely.

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