looking for a body font for a poster brochure- clean, modern, sans serif but with a 'cool' edge

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I am creating a poster brochure aimed at teenagers but still appealing to adults - parents and teachers. I want a body font stylish, modern, with an edge. I've used Univers for one of the headings and the company's logo is in prosper-book.
I want something nice and readible and breezy. I was looking at Optima but it's a bit too old fashioned and I was looking at using univers for the body but I'm sure if its as readible and I'm not sure which weight to use.

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!


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I'm using Euphemia at the moment combined with a free font called Sketchblock which is a bit 'fashionable' but looks ok at the moment.


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I'd go with a 'poster' typeface. Think Champion Champion , Knockout or maybe Heroic. I'm not sure if that's what you had in mind, but hopefully it'll help.

Maybe if I knew a bit more about the brochure I could suggest some more.

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Cool, nice, readable, handsome? If modesty allows, Lapidaria is a new face which may fit the bill.

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