Euskara signage often has late 60s vibe

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Does anyone know why this is? Other than perhaps when the signage was first made?

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Thanks! I'm still not sure what the connection is, if any, with what we associate with that time period...the closest I saw was the "Karako", but when I searched it, nothing doing. I'll try google, some more...

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I don't see the connection myself. The Basque lettering is instantly recognizable as such. A bold but solemn celtic/roman style mishmash. The 60s were all about flash and pizzazz right? (Okay, okay, I'm not old enough to have lived through that era). More seriously: maybe it's just a subconscious relating of the fight the system hippie movements with the independent nature of the Basque Country.

Sidenote: Euskadi means Basque Country, euskara is just the language — the picture on the link geraintf posted is decidedly Spanish (language)

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