Designing a set of stamps for the four seasons(everybody comes in olz)

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it's a RSA project im working on at the moment,the brief is aiming at design a set of stamps appeal to the younger group and im designing four stamps which stands for the spring,summer,autumn,winter.

ive asked several ppl b4 about their visions of what the four seasons r like, but when i talked 2 my tutor today, he said i need to have the reason for doing the four seasons' stamps,like what kinds of stamps would make ppl want to buy in spring etc.

so my question now is if there are four seasons' stamps, what images will make you wanna by them?

im really struggled now,help help!!>_<

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help help :'(

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"several ppl b4 about their visions of what the four seasons r like,"

Wow! Prince is using our discussion forums!

For the record, I don't 'get' your project. They want you to market stamps to the youth market based on specific imagery? I honestly don't know too many kids these days that put too much thought into their stamp buying decisions...if they even use stamps in the age of email, cell phones and IM.

Anyways, consider things that change between seasons...foods, foliage, weather, holidays, the months, clothing, wildlife, etc.

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1) What's "young"?
2) Darrel's post gives me an idea: kids don't think about stamps at the moment, but maybe this is exactly the type of project that can get youth to spend money on stamps? For pre-teen girls for example, think stamps of Bratz wearing: flowery blouses, bikins, turtlenecks, and faux-fur with faux-naughty umbrellas. Next time the little insolent has a birthday party it will be a MUST for the invitations. The Post Office trips over itself this type of cr... thing.

Lynn, I think the youth angle might very well save you from having to do something boring and predictable.


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As Darrel mentions most people buy stamps to post something without considering the look of them.

I saw an interesting product in the post office for invitations, weddings etc where you added a picture of your own choosing to the stamp (unfortunately I didn't read the details of how/how much). And there was the series with stickers to create Mr Potato Head stamps.

Since speciality stamps are released as a group, are relatively short print run and rarely kept (except by collectors) you might have trouble persuading anyone to buy all the seasons at once, maybe you could produce a set of stamps, 1 for each price, for each season to be rolled out over a year

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actually i think many ppl including me dont bother what the stamps r like as long as they can make the letters send out.

i also find that my ideas of making the images with the four seasons on r that a good idea,but i really dont know what else i can get at the moment,totally lack of ideas...:-(

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It's not the internet, it's this site. When you see the error message, your message has actually posted. Trust us.

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ohh i c

ps.coz its designed for the Royal Mail, the main area will be UK

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here ive got the brief:


design a set of stamps that responds to the appeal for a more contemporary, forward-looking approach in stamp subject and design. The aim is to give the stamps an immediacy and relevence and that will attract a new and younger audience. The choice of subject is you wish to represent is open: it can be global or national, specific or general, it can have a purpose(e.g. awareness-raising) or make a current/topical events or interest(e.g. a celebration). The choice of subject is yours but the treatment and execution should demonstrate a fresh approach.

-a stamp is a receipt for a service and is available to anyone within the UK wish to use the postal service.

-bear in mind the public look to the Royal Mail to mark in time significant occassions, events etc.

-this service covers the globe and therefore the stamp is an ambassador for the UK when travelling to overseas destinations.

-a new and younger generation of stamp collector

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what is youth angel anyways?

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To quote Pope Gregory I "Not Angels, but Angles".

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"The choice of subject is you wish"

If that's the case, then I'd forget about the change of's just not a particularly strong event/occasion to attract the audience you are after.

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maybe the special event happens in each season

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Don't try to shoehorn your initial thoughts to fit the brief. Maybe you could approach this as a non-image project and use shapes. Since Royal Mail now produce pre-gummed stamps in booklets they can be any shape you want, I was thinking of letters, using the crenellated edge to identify them as stamps. You could also investigate holograms or lenticulars.

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thx tim,i think the shape one is cool,ill have a look at them :-)

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Sorry, I don't know what that means

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four stamps that consist of nothing but a solid block of colour (with the demonination in the top right corner).

green for spring, yellow for summer, russet for autumn, blue for winter.

Alternatively, you could do a modern interpretation of a Rothko: two/three uneven horizontal stripes of colour in seasonal shades.

Contemporary, and not done before I don't think. Not mould-breaking, but interesting.

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>four stamps that consist of nothing but a solid block of colour (with the demonination in the top right corner).

nice idea!

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thanks ;)

PS choose some really unusual shades, don't just go for generic colours, at least inject something subtle :-)

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i think maybe i need to give up the idea about the season.if the brief needs more depth in it,im not sure season can deal with that.

im trying to think of several ways to talk about british ecological environmental issues,e.g,animals,trees..etc coz it requires to do minimum four stamps.

ive got an another idea,the woods in UK have been damaged a lot and it now covers only two percent of the country,what my aim is to encourage ppl to protect or maybe plant trees.but my target audiences are now children(the earlier aware of protecting trees the better),the images of the stamps might be the childish cartoons,also in four seasons,spring plant a tree,summer it grows etc which is linked to the seasons but not just about seasons.

well this is just a rough idea im thinking of,its a process shows that we'll live in the desert if the trees are all disappeared,but the meaning is not clearly enough in the stamps.

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The environment is a good thought, but I'm not sure that the childish cartoons are the way to go, it's a bit Blue Peter. I would look for a tie-in with a charity (I believe there is a plant-a-tree one) advertise their website, or include an acorn/seed with the stamp book.

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oops, repeated like a pickled onion.

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could u tell me the link plz?


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I couldn't find the precise one I was after, since this is a college project, you could just fabricate one. However you might find what you need through these
BTW it is National Tree Week this week you might be able to work that into your project.

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Lynn I am going to move this thread to the DESIGN forum. You will get better feedback there.

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