Dutch typefaces?

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Anyone know of any clean serif or san serif Dutch typefaces? Doing an identity project on 60s/70s conceptual art in Amsterdam and need some help with typeface selection. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Wim Crouwel would have used Helvetica. No caps.

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What about Museo by Jos Buivenga. I'd say that's a very clean typeface. Or do you want soemthing from the 60s/70s?

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The Dutch clean mid-century sans-serif is Mercator, see this thread.

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Have a look at our collection and perhaps you’ll appreciate Nitti, a clean monospaced grotesque by Pieter van Rosmalen. Or if you’re looking for a more humanistic approach check out Flex by Paul van der Laan.


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Good info. Thanks so much!

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