(x) Christen Kobke - Serif - Spinwerad {Tamas}

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Many thanks in advance.

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This is a new serif to me. I searched my Serif Guide and then looked at MyFonts and Veer collections for high contrast serifs. Did not see it anywhere. I will be curious to see an answer for this one too.

- Mike Yanega

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I love it, really beautiful, would you agree?

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Perhaps the source of the sample could help - do you know where this is from? I could not find it on the web.

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Found it!

You will be amazed, but this is actually a font in the public domain, it is Spinwerad by gluk

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I am not amazed.

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Oh haha! A freebie!

I'm ashamed and embarrassed now! How uncultured I am!

But who cares, I think it looks good as a logotype, and certainly caught my eye.

Out of interest does this mean it's a rip off or a poorly constructed typeface?

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