(x) Anyone know this font? / 'Indian Art of the United States': WPA poster - lettering, suggestions {gang}

Hello there,
Does anyone know the name of this font? Help is greatly appreciated :)

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It's unfortunate that those are the letters you had, because only the R is much of a clue. Do you have more samples?

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks for replying. Not sure why I posted such a small sample, sorry about that. I'll attach the full poster. It's not Gill Sans is it?

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Looks like lettering.

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Ditto what Jan said: WPA posters were often hand-lettered. In the next few months, I'll be coming out with a series of typefaces based on WPA poster lettering, but none of them matches your sample.

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Oh, I see. Beautiful lettering and funny coincidence that you're creating typefaces associated with WPA posters. Thanks to both of you.

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Thank you, those are excellent additions.

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Also from Letterhead, Union Thug.

Probably the most common font used for this look on book jackets is Agency Gothic.

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