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Fonts used - Maven, Bank Gothic Med
Looking for some feedback on mark and type.


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Ok, my first bash at a critique - please bear with me.

Firstly, I like the simplicity and concept of the emblem, but I feel that the extrusion applied to the R is a little inconsistent. The mixture of 0°, 45° and 90° terminals are quirky, but could be better resolved. Also, the concentric curves look like they need to be better spaced - especially where the middle curve meets the leg of the R.

The font you've used for your name is fine, but the kerning needs looking at - in particular, the 'an' combinations in both words are too close together. I think you could increase the spacing of all the letters in 'Sloan', as the 'Rya' combination necessitates more generous negative space.

As for the last line, and this is possibly a personal preference, I'm just not a fan of that particular font - I find it far too dated, especially given the nature of the commodity it's advertising, and it does nothing to enhance the rest of the design. I don't think there's any need to use a combination of fonts in this logo - you may find using Maven throught yields a better result.

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I agree with chr.s on all points, but before refining it, I'd say the concept needs the most work. Don't you think there are enough sound wave logos out there? It's terribly overused.

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@Alaskan - I agree. Sound wave logos are everywhere. They are especially in my client's design brief, as he specifically asked for them. So there is nothing I can do about that. Although I did come up with several concepts that I felt adequately illustrated the concept of sound. Can you offer any alternatives?

@chr.s - Thanks for the helpful input. I chose Bank Gothic because it tends to be pretty legible at smaller sizes, for things like banner ads or business cards. However, I'm not stuck on it by any means, and I'm open to suggestions here. I will definitely post up a version that uses Maven for the tagline as well. Your kerning/tracking suggestions are spot on and I will make those changes as well.

Thanks again to both of you!
I also look forward to any other comments/critiques from other members

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I love the mark. Although people may find it overused, it makes the purpose of your business clear. You did make it your own with the negative space of the reversed "R". A nice simple solve. Great job!

I will have to agree with chr.s that the use of Bank Gothic is a bit jarring. Besides the personal aversion (which I share), the larger issue is that you've used 2 different sans serif fonts in the same context which breaks one of the fundamental rules of typography.

Good luck. :)

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If you stick with mark: Let the counter shadow continue all the way around the curve and thin it at the bottom. The current solution doesn't look right. Also make the sound waves equal in weight and perhaps try extending them so they line up at 90 degrees.

The type is a disaster!

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@Frode - Can you narrow it down a little? I'm learning now that Bank Gothic just may be disastrous in itself, that on top of using two different Sans fonts in the same mark. And the kerning, I will do my best to fix that. What else? I have been following the forums for a few weeks now, and you always seem to be spot on with your critiques/advice. I am open to suggestions!

@tbufano - Thanks for the kind words about the mark :)

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My English isn't all that good. I could show you a sketch of what I mean but then I would be the one designing and not you.

On the shadow: consider how it would look in real life. The inside counter wouldn't have a shadow that was cut off midways unless the counter had a very wierd shape.

On the sound waves: if they were the same weight as the shadow, I think they might look more like they belong (unless there's a reason why they have different weight). The waves are cut off by the leg in the bottom, and the same cut is mirrored in the top. That might work, but I would also try a vertical cut in the top just to see how it looks. It might help with the balance.

Bank Goth can look great used correctly. The problem with your pairing is the shapes don't belong stylistically. They are two different "worlds" mixed together for no apparent reason. And yes, that kerning is horrible ;)

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There are some issues on the bottom of the shadow as well.

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Thematically, I think Bank Gothic can be really well suited to themes within 3 decades of 1900. Got a brewery that's been around for a century? Bank Gothic might do the trick. When Bank Gothic used in a futuristic context it really makes my oatmeal hit the wall.

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@typo - Thanks for the honesty! That last sentence had me laughing ;)

I will update it here in the next few hours and have something to post.

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Try to set "music technology" in a serif font. That could provide more contrast. Beware of Bank Gothic...bleurgh.

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