(x) ID font for me, please - Futura Light {Florian}

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I'm sorry if I made a terrible headline. But I'd like to identify this font.

The closest I got was to this:

But the R's aren't correct. Any ideas?

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Hi Selma,

that looks like a tightly spaced Futura Light.

For the headline (and the future):
Actually, anything but ‘ID font’ or similar is good. Try to find a descriptive title, so that we can discern the numerous threads. It could be ‘tight light caps’ or ‘thin geometric sans-serif’ etc. Typing out the sample text (‘David Carradine’) is another good option.


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My guess is Futura Light. Especially if its from a movie that is maybe 30 - 40 years old.

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Thanks for a quick reply! Much appreciated. And thanks for clearing out the topic. It's duly noted.

It sure is Futura Light. But it looks even "lighter" in the image. Maybe they've done some editing on it, or perhaps there's an "extra light" version available out there?

Thanks again. :)

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