New Irish-style sans: Hibernica (beta release)

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This would not have seen the light of the day if it were not for some typophiles provoking me to do so :-) The ‘history’ of it can be read in this and that discussion.

I hereby release Hibernica Medior Regular on beta stage, for a limited time at $19,90 ‘tester’s fare’. ( –› Contact )

Hibernica, as many of you know, is a daughter font of my recently released Lapidaria family. The font contains full Western character set, plus special Irish/Gaelic accents, ligatures and – goodie – a few ornaments. Future options are an alternativ Minor (=lowercase) font and light/bold cuts.

Thanks to all of you out here who helped with comments.

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Go maire tú! :-)

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good release )

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The Beta licence offer terminates on August 31. 2011

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