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im working on a flyer for a friend and would like some input re: layout


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I would suggest hanging the quotes in the headline and dropping Ever to the next line. Perhaps right rag the body copy (personal preference) or make sure the copy is all flush, including the last line if you are going to justify (hanging punctuation here too.) The 2nd to the last line in the body copy looks a bit loose, right rag would fix this.

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"Whether you knew the Greatest Poet or not, come and see how today's emerging talent have taken inspiration from them."

Do you mean "them" as in the Greatest Poet? If so, this is ungrammatical. "Him" or "her" would be appropriate; sadly, English has no gender-neutral singular 3rd person pronoun. Also, is there a reason the final "All welcome" doesn't have any punctuation? Finally, I think the period of the first sentence should go within the quotes.

It looks like you already have a slight drop shadow behind the text, but I kind of think that the word "poetry" in "roundhouse poetry" needs a little more to set it off from the white flowers in the background. Particularly at the top of the P. That's a bit subjective though, and I don't think I can be sure without seeing a print. Oh well, just a thought...

My eye also tells me that the URLs at the bottom ought to be either centered with the circular logos or flush with them at the bottom. Again, rather subjective. And I'm a noob, so take it with a grain of salt!

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thanks :) points taken on board

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