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Hi there,

Does anyone have any information regarding the Master in Type Design at Centro de Estudios Gestalt in Veracruz,Mexico? Maybe you have studied there or know someone who has. I really want to know how the programme there compares to that of Reading.



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Hi, I studied at Centro de Estudios Gestalt (first generation, 2004).

Well, I must admit that Reading is more focused in type design, given the fact that the master in Gestalt is divided into two halves: on the first one you design a typeface (for text, most commonly the regular weight) but on the second half you work WITH type (logos, composition, typography…).¶ Another big difference is that classes at Gestalt are in Spanish, mostly by Mexican teachers (and some international guests). ¶ If you are more interested about the details in type design and you can afford it, then you must go to Reading: the list of both the teachers and the people who have studied there is quite impressive. On the other hand, the master at Gestalt is not bad either: the typefaces designed by the students are usually selected at the Tipos Latinos Biennial and, if I am allowed to make a bit of self-promotion, I guess it tells something about the master that I have received the Certificate of Excellence in Type Design by the TDC competition twice (2008, 2010).

If you need more information about Gestalt, drop me a line.

Good luck!

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Thanks for you reply Cristobal. I will try to contact you via Skype to chat a bit more about Gestalt.

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