New Font Release: Zebramatic

Zebramatic - A Lettering Safari

Zebramatic is a font for editorial design use, to create headlines and titles in eye-catching stripes. Constructed to offer flexible and a variety of graphical possibilities, Zebramatic type is easy to use. The font is offered in three styles: POW, SLAM and WHAM. These styles work both as ready-made fonts and as patterns to create unique, individualized type. The font design’s full potential is unleashed by layering glyphs from two or all three styles in different colors or shades.

Working with the different styles I was reminded of the late Jackson Pollock poured paintings—in particular the documentation of his painting process by Hanz Namuth and Paul Falkernburg in the film Jackson Pollock 51. In Pollock’s pictures the complex allure arises from how he layered the poured and dripped paint onto the canvas. Similar joyful experience and exciting results emerge by layering the different styles of Zebramatic type.

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dhannah1000's picture

It's Avant Garde With a Funky Beat!
And it looks good, too!
Very Beautiful work!

nora g's picture

Reminds me on a students work. Sebastian Steinhoffs Opfont Page 6-10, english text page 10.

Harald Geisler's picture

@ nora g, thanks for the link. Some of the initial design work is indeed similar.
Though the idea of Zebramatic were the layering and the interchangeability to avoid repetition,
and the font was done analogue not digital.
Wonder how the opfont would look like stacked.

Thanks again for the link!
@ Everyone - please post links to similar work - thanks.

For more details about zebramatic:

Gruß aus Frankfurt a. M.

Igor Freiberger's picture

Congratulations, Harald. Both the concept and the results are very interesting. And you did it by hand, what a huge work.

nora g's picture

Congratulations too Harald! My comment sounded perhaps a bit harsh ;-) That was not my intention, sorry. I only wanted to link to another, at first sight, similar looking solution. But the opfont is a student work, and not made to stack. There is only one version of it and no layer versions.

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