Egyptienne F ☞ such a small family

Hi. Egyptienne F makes me curious because it’s such a limited typeface, especially considering Adrian Frutiger is the patriarch of this family. There’s 55 Roman, 56 Italic, 65 Bold and 75 Black, but why not a 66 Bold Italic and a 76 Black Italic?

I am designing a brochure and using Egyptienne F in combination with Univers—a whopping 27 fonts in this family pack. However, the lack of bold-italic in Egyptienne F is a bit troublesome.

It seems there must be a story behind why the type design screeched to a halt with just four fonts. Anyone here familiar with the history of this typeface?

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Univers was the first mega family being released (1957).
Before that 4 cuts was normal (Egyptienne F 1956).

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I don’t have my copy at this moment, but I am pretty sure you may find some answers reading Adrian Frutiger. The complete works

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Good point, Jan.

Cristobal, thanks for the link to Heidrun Ostere’s 2008 book. It looks like it would be well worth the $145 (CDN). Or $120 for the French version. Il faut que j’améliorer mes compétences en français.

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Perhaps Egyptienne never became a large family because Frutiger later made Glypha. I also feel like I read somewhere that Frutiger didn't actually care for Egyptienne or Glypha. I can't remember which it is, or where I read it...

I know they aren't identical, but it is something else to pair with Univers.

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Good suggestion. Thank you, Aaron.

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