Looking for a modern font with a hint of something slightly exotic

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a font to use for a design job. The client sells handcrafted designer products, bought from small artisan workshops, family businesses, flea markets, designers and craftsmen around the world. Things like handmade candles, wicker, leather chests, fragrances, etc. Modern versions of very traditional products.

So, I'm looking for a font to use that is mostly modern, but with a slight hint of something exotic.. something reminiscent of Tintin books, the Orient Express, romantic adventures in far off lands, possibly a bit North African...?

Sorry if that's pretty vague! Hopefully someone here can help, I've been searching high and low.

Thanks so much,

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Very funny, John Hodgman!

How about something like Papyrus? For the love of Fontgod!

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This may be an odd suggestion: "Smart Casual" by Scholtz.

The designer's description is "relaxed elegance," suitable for party invitations and such. But to me, it looks modern yet slightly exotic. The designer often does African-inspired fonts, maybe that's why. It seems to fit no pigeonhole. I bought this on impulse, but haven't yet found the perfect use for it.

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What about FF Angkoon?

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I saw this font the other day and I found myself thinking if I ever came across a job like what you just described, I'd consider this one:


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Hey guys, thanks heaps for all the great suggestions. Shabash is really nice, FF Angkoon too.

Thinking I will go with one of these, or perhaps Fertigo - has a little exotic twang to it that might be just enough

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