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At the risk of merely kicking myself for not having done this sooner, I'd like to offer this restaurant logo for critique. The project is already complete, and I'd neglected to seek feedback along the way, so try not to be too harsh.

The name and grammar had already been set in stone - nothing I could do about that - the job was to set it in type and add any additional elements I felt were appropriate or necessary. The underscore and dot are a hint at a morse-code 'k' as the owner's name also begins with that letter (and it's their first business venture) so I wanted to make a reference that may hold some personal significance.

I'm about to press 'Save' with trepidation...

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I like it. No need to be trepid :)

There is, however, some sharpness and angularity in the type while there is softness in the underscore and dot. Some further honing of the letterforms could have been done, I think, to bring them both into a better harmony.

But overall it feels nice.


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Like it!

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I agree that there needs to be more connection between the type and the ornament. The only thing that bothers me about the logo is the imbalance of the bottom serifs of the "r." Other than that, it looks great.

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Well that could've gone a whole lot worse.

Thanks all for the input and, in hindsight, I do tend to agree with the consensus. I'll definitely be returning to this forum - hopefully with something to add one day, not just to receive.

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Is it plantin?

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@Bezier Abuser: yes, it's Plantin.

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