iFontMaker opens the fingerfonts floodgate

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Ha ha ha! Yeah!

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I hope someone will develop a bezier editor for the iPad soon!

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I dont want to edit outlines on the go, but an ipad version of metrics machine would be really awesome.

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My dream of making fonts while never leaving the toilet is nearing my grasp.

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This app might let you edit beziers . . . it's hard to tell from the overview:

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Freeform looks more complex, but this is still far from Illustrator and Fontlab.

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I have read the two reviews. I wonder why they appear rather narrow-minded to me.

Ha ha ha!

Maybe you’ll cease laughing about it quite soon.

No point in comparing this new app with FontLab or Illustrator. No reason to delete it after only one font has been made (as Brian Hudson suggests).
The iPad does not only look like the good old slate, it *is* a slate as a matter of fact – the more so with this new application.

You may laugh on it because it seems to come as a kind of childish toy-tool of little professional value. But hey! It breaks fonting down to writing. Radically. In my opinion this is a very serious thing.

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:) Yeah, these are more fun then serious. I also think direct manipulation, as opposed to indirect manipulation with a mouse, is a very interesting concept. I just tried Freeform and it's pretty bad. A lot of essentials is missing, most noticable, the lack of a shift button to keep bezier handles at 90 degrees and move nodes along an axis and no way to select multiple nodes in a shape. I can't find a way to add nodes neither. I might write a review if I find the time.

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It breaks fonting down to writing.

No it doesn’t. It allows users to draw big letters on screen one by one and instantly digitizes them. That’s not writing, it’s just the same autotracing/autospacing people already use to make bad handwriting fonts.

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Think of the stuff you could do with a decent expansion stylus ...

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I can add points. Just found out.


Been playing around with this app for a couple of weeks now and it is REALLY fun. Im not saying it's "there yet" or even professional, but who cares. We are all here because we love type and this is an easy and mobile way to play with it. Even better if you have interesting handwriting or various handwriting styles. Anyway, i would highly recommend – best 3/4 bucks i've spent.

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It breaks fonting down to writing./.No it doesn’t.

Depends on how you define *writing*.

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