Sans-serif: G with spur, R has straight leg

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Would like to track down which sans-serif this is.
Thanks for your help.

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I too am interested (it reminds me of the new wayfinding typeface of the Milan subway).

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Reminds me of Haas Unica.

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Thanks, Jan, Unica crossed my mind as well, but the leg on the R is different.
This is Haas Unica:

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First I thought it is Dalton Maag's Aktiv Grotesk, released a few days ago,
but I think it is not quite right.

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Akzidenz Grotesk/AG Old Face has a straight R's leg, but other details are off.
From where is the sample?

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From where is the sample?

Switzerland. :)

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Jörg: thanks for the information about Aktiv Grotesk.
Riccardo: Florian is correct, the sample is from Zurich.

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Zurich as in, made at ZHDK?
I'm wondering if it would be reasonable to surmise this could be custom/modified.

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