(x) Claudia Klat/ James Langdon Font / sans-serif caps - unreleased font by Claudia Klat and Lisa Weiss {Fabienne S}

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I have seen this particular font used by only two people so far. Claudia Klat uses it brilliantly is the Image attached and in the latest and hopefully not last issue of Grakik on pg. 37 far left middle image the great James Langdon uses it on a spread reading "Less Order More Chaos". I have only seen it used in all Caps. If anyone has some input I would love to crack this one.

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Trade Gothic Bold Condensed would be my starting point.

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Hi Tanner,
Claudia Klat and Lisa Weiss designed the typeface as part of their diploma project in visual communication at the ZHdK last year. So far, only the upper case has been drawn and the font is not yet commercially available. HTH.

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